Gratitude to the folks at movingpix who created a beautiful, elegant and moving interpretation of the song.

7 responses to “THE VIDEO

  1. vanessa williams

    I am a child of a rainbow nation, a nation that was divided,but it is a nation that has come together, to accept and forgive one another, and only through God, prayers, democracy and acceptance, We love one another, laugh at each other and with each other , we cry for one another ,and we stand up for each other, and we continue to pray, it is a nation that come together in prayer.A nation that prays together stays together. I do thank God I come from that rainbow nation, as I have loved and known the love of people of colour and yes the people of my country South Africa are a colourful, loving , giving, caring, sharing, praying people.God has blessed South Africa and will continue to do so , God has many rainbow nations and he can and will do the same for them, they just need to come together as a whole nation and pray together

  2. vanessa williams

    Thank you for the beautiful video, It reminded me of home

  3. So very proud to be part of this project! A beautiful job and a beautiful message.

  4. God bless America. This ought to be the National Anthem!

  5. Nancy Anderson

    Wonderful, clean singing and photography – rich in depth of meaning and spirit – well created – truly inspirational. Thanks so much.

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