The Story of The Song

A song about the importance of coming together in the interest of democracy

Inspiration comes in many forms for artists like Thomasina Levy and Joanie Spear, two accomplished Litchfield, CT musicians who have collaborated on a unique project. Personal experiences, daily routines, family and friends, and nature are just some of the themes that have supplied stimulus for the work of Levy and Spear. Levy and Spear have created a song about the importance of coming together in the interest of democracy.

“Out of Many We Are One” is a song for and about America that speaks about the need for Americans to find common ground in a difficult time.

“We believe in the ideals of democracy; we believe everyone wants peace, freedom of expression and opportunity,” the women wrote in a description of their work.

The song, they continued, is a reminder of the American credo of “United We Stand, Divided We Fall.”

“Right now we face a turning point, so let’s seize the moment,” they wrote. “In the words of our presidents, we rise or fall as one nation, as one people.”

It was Levy who sparked the idea for the song. Coincidentally, Spear and cellist David Darling had also spoken about the possibility of a song. Spear was enamored by the concept and the collaboration was on.

“The process of writing this song collaboratively was effortless and joyful,” Spear said. “We look forward to doing it again.”

The musicians are hopeful that those who hear it will gain a greater appreciation for the American way of life and will be moved to distribute the song and its message.

“I do have a hope that it will inspire my fellow citizens to begin dialogues about what it means to be an American,” Levy said. “Dialogue is defined as a formal discussion or negotiation including opposing sides in a political context.”

The Founding Fathers, she said, had lively and contentious debates in writing the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and didn’t agree on all points. In the end, however, they compromised and a more perfect union was the result.

That kind of compromise is what’s needed now, according to Levy.

“Our country is at a transition point, and transitions are difficult and anxiety-provoking,” she said. “Perhaps this song will help make the transition easier.”

Added Spear: “I hope that people will want to sing it and make it their own. Maybe it can remind us of what we truly want in our lives. I hope it makes these times easier and more full of community.”

Levy and Spear have had long careers as singer/songwriters, composers and performers. The Connecticut State Troubadour in 2005-06, Levy has played her mountain dulcimer at venues across the country, has been a teaching artist with the Connecticut Commission on Culture and Tourism, and has studied with master cellist David Darling.

Spear, with a music degree from Yale, has also studied with David Darling and has been a composer for film, theater and dance productions.

They were joined in creating “Out of Many We Are One” by a talented group of musicians including David Darling, producer Tommy Skarupa, bass player Dave Anderson, vocalist Bill Lauf, award-winning flutist Joseph Fire Crow, and vocalists Rachel Rubin, Robert Brereton, Galen Brandt, Jonah Spear and Kiira Schmidt. David Darling donated studio time at his Camp David Studios in Goshen, CT.

Joining Tommy Skarupa of Tskarupa Productions for the engineering and final mix of the song was Lou Giordano of Black Dog Studio. The song was recorded at Tapeworks Recording Studio in Hartford. CT.

“One of the most gratifying things about the experience of creating this song was how all of the singers, instrumentalists and studios donated their creative efforts and time for little or no cost,” Levy and Spear wrote. “Everybody was enthusiastic about becoming involved in a project with a theme that spoke of unifying our country with a song.”

Out of Many We Are One music and lyrics are available for public use. To hear this song or follow its distribution go to the Facebook page “Out of Many Song”

Click Here for FREE Download (control-click for MAC, right-click for PC)

~ Out Of Many We Are One ~

Written by John McKenna, journalist, Litchfield, CT

11 responses to “The Story of The Song

  1. Dear Thomasina Levy, Joanie Spear and David Darling,
    This is lovely and very timely. It makes me so happy to know each of you and to be a member of MFP! This is why I have worked so hard for 21 1/2 years to find ways to “Pay It Forward” for what I experienced and felt as a result of knowing this amazing group of people. Thank you

  2. Thank you for putting this positive energy out into the world. It is so important for all of us – artists, teachers, parents, people of all walks of life – to approach our lives, and the lives of those we encounter, with compassion. The media is powerful – and, as we have seen in recent days, when used with negative intent it can have tragic repercussions. We need to take back the airwaves and fill them with joy. This beautiful song does just that. I hope this is just the beginning, and that it inspires many of us to radiate the energy of love and compassion into the one world we all share.

  3. Thomasina, this is a marvelous gift that I am going to share with my elementary song-writing residency classes! Yes and again I say, “Yes!”

  4. Heidi Muller

    Sina, I am so impressed with this entire piece… the unique and relevant topic expressed so beautifully in a way so many people can relate to… the images that weave through the music and bring it alive… all the ways that diversity is expressed… this is truly a fantastic piece of work. I hope it goes viral! You have my deepest admiration, my friend.

  5. Mari Alexander

    WOW! This song reaches out to us all calling us to join together with all our similarities and differences. . .being an advocate of “diversity” this song rang out to me. I, too, am going to send it to the teachers as another way to open their students minds to the “bigger picture”. I applaud you both and give Joan
    a heartfelt congratulations.

    This song will pass the test of time…my grandchildren will now this song!

    Best to you,


  6. Deb Hauck

    I love the intention, the heart behind this song. It invites opening to, valuing and celebrating the richness of our diversity.

  7. Adrienne Korn

    Awe inspiring song. This is a song for our times. I can’t thank you all enough for producing and allowing the world to share this song. I will attempt to learn it on the piano so that I may share it with my grandkids and other family memebers and friends.

  8. Joanie,
    Just saw this and listened to it. It’s AWESOME! Congratualtions!

  9. Bronwen Berliner

    Joanie, this is really wonderful! I know your mother would be so proud of you! Thank you for sharing it with me! Bronwen

    • Joan Spear

      Hi Bronwen, Thank you for your comment. I was so moved, I burst into tears. Yes, I think my mother would be proud of this! Glad to be connected, albeit through Facebook! xo J

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